HeatMaster 85 TC Evo

SKU: 052844

HeatMaster 85 TC Evo gas fired Condensing combined boiler and water heater, available in Natural gas and LPG.


  • 85 kW Output
  • Equipped with the ACVMax burner and modbus controls.
  • Total Condensing unit - condenses in both heating and hot water mode.
  • Can provide heating and hot water or can be used as a stand alone hot water generator. 
  • Can deliver an exceptional peak and continuous volume of hot water.
  • Stainless Steel domestic hot water tank - no glass lined steel or anode protection required.
  • Space saving footprint - Heating and hot water from one unit reduces plantroom space requirements.
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger reduces maintenance and can increase system lifespan.
  • Floor standing boiler with large volume of primary water, ideal for existing heating systems.
  • Multiple units can be linked for larger applications or back up
  • Can be installed along with Prestige heat only boilers or Smart cylinders to provide a perfect solution to your heating and hot water requirements.
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