HeatMaster 100 N

SKU: A1002071

HeatMaster 100 N high performance combined boiler and water heater, also available in propane.


  • Stainless steel Tank-in-Tank design
  • 107.0 kW output
  • Choice of Burner: Low NOx Premix gas or LPG, forced draught natural gas or LPG or pressure jet 28 sec or 35 sec oil 
  • Can also be used as a stand alone water heater
  • Anti–Legionellae: hot water stored at a consistently high temperature
  • Built-in primary circuit shunt high efficiency pump, internal expansion vessels, safety valve and low water pressure switch
  • Control panel including thermostats, combined temperature and pressure gauge, indicators and on/off switch
  • Stove enameled casing
  • The HeatMaster can be used in conjunction with the Smart and Jumbo storage tanks, supplying even the largest hot water requirement
  • Non Ecodesign compliant
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