PULSE HP PRO Contactless

SKU: Contactless Mix Pulse Hp Pro

The price provided is for basic configuration, please confirm desired configuration with our sales team.

PULSE HP PRO unique in the world of car wash because it is equipped with high pressure "MOVING" jets that use powder detergent
with hot water, or liquid detergent with cold water,supplied directly, on the surface of the
cars to be washed, by three nozzles, two of which are vertical and one horizontal at a pressure
of about 120 bar. For the vertical parts each nozzle moves alternately from top to bottom, for
the horizontal parts a third nozzle flows alternating from right to left in a crossbar element,
which rotates on itself to keep the jet perpendicular to the vehicle bodywork.

Main dimensions:
Maximum wash height 2300mm
Maximum wash width 2300mm
Maximum length 1300mm
Maximum width between columns 2450mm
Maximum height 3015mm
Maximum width 3570mm
Rails length 9m
Distance between rails 2850 - 3000mm



  • Stainless steel side front cover panels
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Frame, polyurethane powder paint
  • Stainless steel bolts and screws
  • Losening belts security control device for horizontal elements
  • Control and security system at variable speed for top brush and drying lifting device
  • Stainless Steel Top Contouring Dryer (2 x 3 kW)
  • Two Side Dryers (2 x 4 kW)
  • Contouring and tilting five positions top high pressure device with translating nozzle
  • Side high pressure with vertical translating nozzle
  • Direct Motor Gantry Drive with Variable Speed
  • Chemical Pump for Wax
  • There can be a combination of up to 6 chemicals
  • Standard Power Supply: 380 / 415 V – 50 Hz

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