Jetself Module 3 Bay Car Wash

SKU: used Jetself 3 Bay
Used Jetself Module 3 Bay Car Wash.
5 Functions (Foam, Main wash, Water, Wax, Osmos)
Expandable with various payment options for end-customers (cash, cashless VPOS).
Insulated stainless steel monobloc
  • 2.800×1.050×2.100h mm
  • High pressure pump group
  • Electromechanic mixing system
  • Electrical board and PLC control for each bay
  • N° 2 built-in control panels with touch buttons and electronical token machine
  • Dosing pumps for chemical products (shampoo and wax)
  • Filtering system for inlet water
  • Water softening system with resins complete with salt tank
  • Osmosis system
  • Thermic group with accumulation complete with thermostatic mixer valve
  • Antifreezing kit: insulation and inner heating
  • Inner lighting system
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 panels



JETSELF 3 LP (ELECTRIC SUPPLY) 50/100 40 16 1200

Jetself 3 LP main unit dimensions 2800x1050x2100h (mm)

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