Käsipesula tarvikud

Käsipesula tarvikud
» The filling is very easy and effected by means of a plastic hopper to fill in.
» 1/4" M connection to be attached at the compressed-air supply.
» Max. 8 bar. Equipped with a default safety valve.
» Chemically resistant hose 10 m. Foam lance 600 mm with nozzle head
and 4 nozzles. Fill level indication.
» Integrated dosing unit to realise the desired air/foam mixture. Permanent
pressure exposure is required in order to achieve an uniform foam
» Suitable for the use in the car wash and industry

Suitable for keeping and application of liquids of the group 2 according to the directive EWG/67/548 Art. 2, para.2 and directive EG/97/23 Art. 9. Not suitable for liquids of group 1 and especially strong alkaline solution and acids.
Bayonet. 10m