Winter maintenance - 2st container CarWash

Price: 250,00 €

List of devices to which we will pay attention:

  • BOILER: leak control of the gas; oil filter; the pressure of the central heating; cleaning the inside of the boiler and the burner; electrode / nozzle; burner test; exhaust gas analysis; checking the central heating - boiler venting, gazex system operation; Smart Heating operation; glycol testing.
  • WASHING TECHNIQUE: checking the safety valves; replacement of filters and cleaning of filters; oil change in pumps; checking the HP system status; venting and checking the chemistry dosing system; inspection of powder dosing system; inspection of the circulation tank.
  • MAIN COMPUTER: alarm history analysis; control of  leakage protection.
  • WATER TREATMENT: water hardness test - before / after the softener; softener settings; control of the correctness of osmosis cycle; checking the osmosis pressure.
  • CONTROL PANEL: operation control of each program; checking the angle and condition of the nozzle in the guns; communication control; maintenance of hinges and locks - lubrication of hinges; control of card / key readers; buttons condition control.
  • MONEY CHANGER: operation correctness control; communication control.
  • VACUUM CLEANER: functional correctness test; checking the condition of hoses and suction; cleaning of coin validators; checking the condition of filters.